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Choosing a SIP Trunking Channel Partner

SIP Trunking

We take SIP Trunking seriously

As more UK businesses outgrow their telecommunications solutions, they begin to look for an alternative that offers more flexibility, reliability and value for money.

With SIP trunking, the phone system exchange moves into the cloud. SIP trunking is cheaper on a per channel basis, (set up can be half the cost of an ISDN) more flexible in terms of what telephone numbers you can have and where you can have them, is quicker to install and can offer a very robust business continuity service. 

SIP trunking also brings with it other benefits legacy technologies can’t, such as flexibility and additional functionality, such as remote workers and infrastructure consolidation. Using a single pipe to deliver voice, data, and other business critical applications is the key to the success. It is this convergence of connectivity and applications over the top that is delivering the real savings to all businesses and provides greater profits to partners.

Beware not all SIP trunks are the same. The underlying technology is the same but actually the services on top, location, technical connection and so on are very different. 

Resellers need to be careful when choosing a provider and they need to know what they are looking for;

  • Work with partners that are Unified Communications ready - this means, more revenue opps, greater margins and a better dialogue with their customers – all of this leads to greater customer retention. SIP trunks have the core capability, but the real power and the ability to make even greater margins is in the apps that can be laid over them.
  • Make sure your partner’s SIP is compatible with Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013. SIP trunking is the natural choice for unified communications systems such as Microsoft Lync for when you need to extend voice connectivity outside of the office and into the public network. A lot of clients are now requesting overlays with Microsoft Lync for user presence and Instant Messaging, which creates more opportunities to upsell to the end user. 
  • Purchase SIP trunking from a trusted provider, with a resilient infrastructure and watertight SLA. A key focus will be the infrastructure on which the service sits with reliability and security paramount to concerns.  Without the right infrastructure there is little reliability of the service.  Our own SIP trunking services have been ISO27001 accredited by BSI for more than two years.
  • Our call bundles and fraud management features are differentiators in the market, to start with our SIP trunks are free of charge when used in conjunction with any of our ethernet or leased line connections. We also offer competitive UK national, mobile and international bundles with automated fraud management checks every 15 minutes on our Session Boarder Control network.
  • Work with a partner who understands your customers and can spot opportunities. We know that customers move to SIP when there is a trigger such as moving offices, changing telephony applications, upgrading or replacing a data circuit, looking at new disaster recovery applications.  SIP trunks are now a mature technology that business users can and already do trust.
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