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Cloud servers are revolutionising the way a business works, reaches customers and delivers services. Secure and reliable applications must perform and meet expectations. Many IT resellers don’t want the burden of the investment required to manage an infrastructure, but their customers need security, resiliency, business flexibility and accessibility.

CT Wholesale allows you to ‘rent’ virtual servers and storage whilst creating networks to tie them all in together. Our cloud server provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and maintains all hardware and services through a multitude of servers, distributed across numerous data centres to help you build your own Cloud infrastructure.

This provides you with cost effective and scalable IT solutions, where the complexities and expense of managing hardware is outsourced to CT Wholesale.

Business Benefits


Instant capacity expansion and no waste of unused capacity

No investment in hardware

Physical hardware supporting the IaaS service is set up and maintained by us

Utility style costing

Can be accessed on demand and resellers only pay for resources they actually use

Location independence

Access can be made from any location with an internet connection and security allows it


Physical security at data-centre locations

No single point of failure

Failed servers or networks are uaffected due to hardware resources. Offline data centres would still run via the IaaS service

Why Choose CT Wholesale's Cloud Server?

Fully manageable from our vCloud portal

Competitive pricing calculators within our Wholesale Portal

Support for multiple public IP addresses

Provision a cloud server that is IPv6 ready

Access our technical team 24/7 with engineers available around the clock

Get expert help any time of the day or night, 365 days a year

Key Features

Separate public and private network interfaces. Private bandwidth is free and provides inter-cloud server communication as well as access to cloud files.

High performance SSD storage and unlimited 1GBit/s connections to cloud servers using Microsoft technology and Dell hardware

Rapid access to your Cloud Servers via our 10Gbps data centre connections

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