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Email Security

Protect your users, your reputation and your clients

Protecting inboxes from generic spam and virus emails is vital for any business, but responding to new threats and challenges to data breaches connected to email is now a key priority for many organisations.

The Roaring Penguin spam firewall is a cloud based email security solution that protects against all inbound malware, spam and phishing attacks.

Used with our own hosted ISO27001 approved cloud solution, there is no need to manage any hardware or software enabling your business to get the ultimate protection from all threats that can come from email.

Business Benefits

Spam and virus protection

Eliminate annoying, offensive, malicious emails and viruses

Email spooling

Retain email during email server failures or loss of connectivity

Targeted threat protection

Protect users against spear-phishing and targeted attacks in email

Data leak prevention

Control the flow of sensitive information

Email encryption

Keep information safe and compliant

Content controls

Protect users from offensive content

Why Choose CT Wholesale's Email Security?

Products are simple to sell, setup and support

Provide 99%+ accurate spam protection

Unbeatable end user control via a 24/7 live control panel

Intergrates with Autotask

30 day free trial to test the software

Compatible with Office 365 and Google apps

Product Options

Personalised Filters

Customise spam trapping to end users specifications

Whitelists & Blacklists

Per user, per domain, per organisation. Automatic white listing of addresses that you email

Automated Deployment

Window server integration though active directory, POP3/IMAP authentication, rest based API

Outbound Filtering

Optional outbound filtering availble on a per domain basis. Protecting a clients IP reputation

Tailored Spam Solutions

Flexible, reliable anti-spam solutions that compliments existing infastructure with minimal disruption

Spam Learning Engine

Automatic, timely and highly secure rule updates eliminating the need for on-going manual tuning and maintenance to catch emerging threats

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