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Sometimes a business just needs more

If a tough, resilient internet connection is absolutely critical to a business, then a Leased Line could be exactly what you need. We can make it easier to share voice, video and other key business applications.

CT Wholesale’s Leased Line solutions enable businesses to provide the fastest, most reliable and secure network that can meet increasing demands for flexible connectivity.

End User Benefits

Rock solid internet connection guaranteed

Fully uncontended line, no reduction in speeds no matter how many users online


Leased Lines provide a more substantial network infrastructure that ensures continued quality of service within their business


A dedicated Leased Line ensures you do not share bandwith with any other commercial business or residential users which could lead to performance fluctuation and sometimes even loss of connectivity

Why Choose CT Wholesale's Leased Lines?

Inter-connected directly with all the major Tier 1 carriers including BT Wholesale, Virgin and TalkTalk Business

Choose multiple carriers and technologies into one location with one IP range for complete redundancy and disaster recovery

Supplied via our own UK wide data centres to ensure a secure and resilient backbone to any internet connection

UK based service desk for continuous monitoring and support 24/7 by our qualified engineers

Fully white labelled service to promote your own company brand

Free SiP channels included with any Leased Line service

Key Features

Flexible bandwidths available from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps in multiples of 10 or 100

Choose your IP range, carrier, contract length, speed, router and installation type

99.99% Service Level Agreement with 4 hour guaranteed fault resolution as standard

Bandwidth speed upgrades are available within your contract period

MPLS (multi-site) compatible connectivity via our IPVN service

Unlimited usage on all our connections


1. What affects the monthly price of each leased line service?
Leased line circuits are quoted in postal code zones. Each zone has a contract price billed monthly. In addition to the monthly cost of the service are any additional options such as IP Addressing, hardware and installation services.

2. Can I transfer a leased line from another provider?
Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer a leased line from another provider, even if the Tier 1 carrier is the same. However we can provide a competitive service quotation for your customer to proceed with once the existing leased line comes close to end of contract.

3. What are ECC’s (Extra Construction Costs)?
Whilst your leased line can be in an agreed pricing zone, the premises may be particularly difficult to reach, or some distance, from the nearest fibre connection point. If this is the case, ECC´s are presented after the order is made and a quote for the works can be provided. You then have the right to proceed with the ECC’s or cancel the order at no cost.



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