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Traditional telephone lines are still a core communication medium and have a vital role to play alongside next generation technologies. Many businesses have this type of line for normal office business calls, faxes, EFTPOS lines, alarm and emergency lines.

A range of call handling features such as line hut and message bank and diversion are available to help optimise how your customers manage both incoming and outgoing calls.

Business Benefits

Lower line rental and call rates

Single lines come as basic or premium so you can choose the level of service you need

Versatile and reliable

PSTN is still important . Many UK businesses and personal users use traditional voice calls every day


Our services include a single-line option with Basic or Premium service levels, and a multi-line option with Premium as standard

Stay in control

You control the customer relationship and how to brand the service. You bill directly and have access to debt management tools for efficient credit control

Reliable support

Our PSTN service is fully managed, so we carry out all necessary maintenance and repairs for you

In-built versatility

PSTN supports incoming and outgoing calls, including those via other Public Electronic Communications Networks (PECN). Calls can be routed via our PECN or another

Why Choose CT Wholesale's PSTN?

Leading competitive call rates and transfer business lines with no hassle switching, no disruption to the current service and no cost

Supply traditional telephone fixed lines to your customers easily and cost effectively, without having to build your own network

We can provide the full range of 138 services available on a PSTN line just as if you were purchasing direct from BT Wholesale

Use our partner portal to build and verify an order while you are talking to a customer on the phone

Provide peace of mind for your customers who can’t afford to be out of touch, by offering the quality and reliability of a fixed line

Tailor the maintenance service option to suit you and your customers

Key Features

Option of WLR3 or MPF PSTN analogue line types

Multi line (feature line) PSTN analogue lines available

Customise the tariff for your customer


What is the difference between PSTN and VOIP?


  • Dedicated Lines
  • Each line is 64kbps (in each direction)
  • Features such as call waiting, Caller ID and so on are usually available at an extra cost
  • Can be upgraded or expanded with new equipment and line provisioning
  • Long distance is usually per minute or bundled minute subscription
  • Hardwired landline phones (those without an adapter) usually remain active during power outage
  • When placing a 911 call it can be traced to your location

Do my customers need a PSTN line?
For ADSL access, a BT PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line must pre-exist. Regrades between IP Converge ADSL speeds require the presence of a second PSTN line.



  • All channels carried over one Internet connection
  • Compression can result in 10kbps (in each direction)
  • Features such as call waiting, Caller ID and so on are usually included free with service
  • Upgrades usually requires only bandwidth and software upgrades
  • Long distance is often included in regular monthly price
  • Lose power, lose phone service without power backup in place
  • 911 emergency calls cannot always be traced to a specific geographic location

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